About MG Poster Papers

As one of the pioneers in the industry, we make the very best Poster Papers in our segment. Suited for a myriad of applications and end-uses, these come in various varieties to suit the customer's specific needs. Grades: High Strength (HS) - For the very best performance parameters, these papers are made from softwood pulp substitutes and have very high strength and great optical brightness.

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KFL is the only company in India with a manufacturing process capability to Recycle Wet Strength, Foil Laminated, Poly Coated waste papers.

Technological Capability to extract pure pulp from waste which is at par with Virgin Pulp.

Know-how to manufacture Specialty packaging papers for industrial use and packaging for food grade applications.

Long Term (over 3 decades) relationships with overseas vendors (mainly from USA/Canada where paper is manufactured from softwood chemical pulp)